Once We Were Warriors SON 2 HOODIE


The SON2 HOODIE is our basic comfort sweat hoodie with loose fit. 2×2 rib finished deep side splits for loose fit attitude. On the chest the detachable Once We Were Warriors signature logo badge. This seasonal version of the son hoodie has a vintage kimono inspired allover print; it references to the structured wings of the dragonfly. The dragonfly was thought to be fearless, swift and courageous; they were believed to give soldiers strength and protection. The running red line along the rubber dip cord endings is a reference to the red line painted on the spears of the samurai warrior. This line was the sign of a warrior of excellence and was used only with permission.

The gold foil style code positioned on the front pocket.

Delicate machine wash.

Designed in Amsterdam, assembled in p.r.c.



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