Carrot Butter Cleanser 75ml


What is it?
A signature The Organic Pharmacy product, CBC is a balmy one-step Eye & Face Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser.

Who can use It?
All skin types, including oily and congested skin.

What does it do?
Melts on contact with your skin to effortlessly remove grime, dirt, dead skin and makeup

What are the benefits?
It softens skin while decongesting and stimulating circulation with the extracts of Carrot, Rosemary, and Calendula. St. John’s Wort soothes while Lavender calms and relaxes. 

How to use it?
Massage a small amount onto dry skin with your fingertips, allowing the cleanser to fully dissolve impurities & makeup and boost circulation. Remove with your muslin cloth soaked in warm water.

Excellent product for dry skin, ensuring skin is never stripped of its natural oils.
Star Ingredients:

Antioxidant oil, rich in Beta Carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A.

Gentle astringent. Decongesting, stimulating, and toning.

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and healing. An antidote to the ravages of sun, wind, and pollution.

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