ENVSN & Retail Czar Partner Together

ENVSN is a Brooklyn-based, innovative organization committed to the professional, self-development and empowerment of Gen Z and Millennial women.  Similarly, two of Retail Czar’s major goals are to support emerging brands and empower people to make more informed decisions. Retail Czar President, Tom Ott, and SVP Shawn Pean, have both known ENVSN Founder Sharifa Murdock for many years. One of the few silver linings of the pandemic is the opportunity to find common ground. These two New York-based organizations, decided to form a partnership in September 2020.


What’s Planned?


This partnership includes exciting initiatives that will have a meaningful impact on the community. On Tuesday, November 17th and again on Tuesday, December 8th, Retail Czar will host two shopping days on our site where 10% of all sales generated on retailczar.com will be donated to ENVSN. Retail Czar will also sponsor ‘Behind The Brands’ media content to promote New York-based female designers who are supported by ENVSN. We will also mentor and advise ENVSN audience members in the development of their careers and professional networks thru ENVSN workshops.


“ENVSN…embodies…a place built to help young women thrive and grow into the best selves they can be.” Forbes


ENVSN’s Platform

Brooklyn native, fashion industry innovator and philanthropist, Sharifa Murdock, the visionary behind ENVSN explains:  “With programming dedicated to valuable career and personal development conversations, our platform is dedicated to cultivating the talent, dreams and sustainability of youth culture in an inclusive environment, that promotes collaboration, discovery, and conversation”.