Sant M

SantM– because beautiful shoes should be comfortable, too…

Craftsmanship and comfort are the alliterative principals behind New York based, Made in Italy crafted, SantM shoes. On the brand’s website,, founder Min Santandrea recounts the serendipitous meeting that changed everything and formed the inspiration for her brand:


“I found myself in Roma on holiday and met a fourth-generation shoemaker. She said simply, ‘No shoe made with the highest quality materials by the hands of the best craftsman should ever be uncomfortable. Even heels.  I invested in four pairs on that trip and I never took them off. As I shared this story with friends, something surprised me. Other women admitted to me that they’d been compromising, too. It wasn’t just me. The modern woman is demanding a shoe that’s designed with care and consideration from the inside out and one that can keep up with her. Enter SantM, the pro-comfort, anti-compromise footwear brand.” 


Pre-pandemic, I’m sure we all remember the collection of shoes growing either under our own desks or those of colleagues – the flats, sneakers, heels for a client meeting, and so on. Well, Min Santandrea created the cure for ESS (Extra Shoes Syndrome) by creating shoes that are both beautiful and comfortable, eliminating the need to carry an extra pair. Brava! And at price points from $135 to $475, they also offer exceptional value for luxury, Made in Italy shoes and boots.



On Comfort

Comfort is proactively designed and inserted into each pair via features like a wider toe box, smooth seams, gel-injected footbeds, seamless one-piece leather inner lining and where possible, a special construction technique that helps distribute weight and pressure evenly for a shoe that you can wear all day.


According to, “Being comfortable is the result of good design and careful production… our inner lining is one seamless piece of leather… our gel insoles release pressure in your feet… our shoes allow for such a range of natural movement that it feels like putting on socks, not rigid boxes. Wherever possible this is achieved through the rare and renowned sacchetto (“little bag”) technique – the true mark of precision and craftsmanship. This is what creates the surprising flexibility in the forefoot and natural curvature of the insole. It is the realization of our vision: That beautiful shoes should be comfortable, too.”


On Craftsmanship

“…we use the finest Italian materials and partner with premier, fourth-generation craftsmen... to create one pair of shoes it takes 36 artisans on average, which lends a rare and personal touch that no machine can replicate. The result? Incredibly well-made, well-loved shoes.” (


Retail Czar offers an extensive assortment of signature SantM styles, each named for an iconic neighborhood in a major Italian city. The Brera stiletto, available in two heel heights, 70mm and 100mm, and a variety of colors, and the Brera flats are named after one of Milan’s most fashionable districts. The Chiaia block heel, available in 8 colors, is synonymous with Naples’ bespoke tailoring elegance.  The scrunchie-back San Frediano loafer is carried in five colors and named after the boho Florentine quarter of the same name. Just added for fall and winter are the Monti block heel boots thoughtfully crafted in weatherproof nabuk suede in two classic colors – brown and black. And also for the cooler weather, Retail Czar completes our assortment of SantM shoes with Furlane - the super-versatile unisex indoor/outdoor velvet Venetian slippers in six rich colors. Reportedly worn by Venetian gondoliers to protect the wood of their treasured gondolas, these are sure to be a big hit this season at just $135 a pair.


Instagram Live Event

 “Min Santandrea of SantM shoes is a fellow Female Founder Collective member,” says Retail Czar VP of Merchandising, Alyson Araque.  “We were introduced when I launched a pop-up shop in February for my own women’s tailored clothing brand, Q Sartorial. We had an FFC event planned together called Whiskey+Suits+Shoes but unfortunately it was canceled due to Covid.  We remained in touch and when I joined Retail Czar, she was the first person I called.  I’m thrilled to bring her collection, with its dedication to craftsmanship, comfort and beauty, to our site.”


On Thursday, October 22nd at 7:30 p.m. EDT, join us on the Retail Czar Instagram Site for a Live event with Min Santandrea, SantM’s Founder. She will be interviewed by Alyson Araque, Founder of Q Sartorial and V.P. Merchandising of Retail Czar.