Based in New York and crafted in Peru, Port Zienna is a women’s ready-to-wear label whose philosophy is the polar opposite of ‘fast fashion’. It’s designers, artisans and makers use premier eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics to create luxurious, high quality pieces with a positive environmental and social impact. By providing a healthy work environment, steady income, and flexibility to its family of employees, the company is a shining example of how a modern, luxury fashion brand can stay true to its ethical values. That’s why Retail Czar is delighted to carry the Port Zienna collection, and why RTW merchant Alyson Araque was determined to bring the brand to our site.


Peruvian Designer and Creative Director Francesca Canepa founded Port Zienna in 2017. Born in Lima, Francesca earned her BA in Fashion Design and Patternmaking from Mod’Art International Paris, and followed up with a postgraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising Management from New York’s FIT. Francesca’s expertise in draping, patternmaking and design is evident in her signature modern aesthetic, which can be explored in the Port Zienna assortment of women’s tops, skirts, pants, dresses and swimwear on Retail Czar. 


Female Empowerment


Female-founded and female-owned, Port Zienna also partners with the Female Founder Collective, a network of businesses led by women and in support of women, whose mission is to enable and empower female-owned and female-led businesses to positively impact communities socially and economically.


Less is more


Reducing and eliminating waste across all industries, especially fashion, is imperative for a sustainable future.  Some fashion houses produce a dizzying number of collections a year, whereas Port Zienna deliberately limits production to just two. Producing less equals less waste which benefits the environment. By crafting timeless styles in high-quality materials, Port Zienna encourages consumers to invest thoughtfully in higher quality pieces, buy fewer items, which again reduces waste, and build a wardrobe to last a lifetime, not simply a season or two.


Eco-friendly fabrics


No leather, exotic skins, fur or feathers are used in their collections.

Sustainability and eco-friendly are Port Zienna. The brand sources Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified 100% organic cotton from Perú and Turkey. This cotton is cultivated without pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. It’s better for farmers, textile workers, consumers and the environment.  The company partners with organic cooperatives in Perú and Turkey, which helps ensure the fibers used are of superior quality.

Other eco-friendly fibers used by Port Zienna include cupro, linen, lyocell, Modal (from Japan) and Tencel. 


Sustainable Packaging


The ethos of sustainability and waste minimization extends to its choice of packaging which is made in the USA entirely from recycled materials.


Instagram Live interview on Retail Czar


For more insight into the exemplary story behind Port Zienna and, watch the Instagram Live interview on Retail Czar between Alyson Araque and Francesca Canepa on September 17 at 7.30 pm EDT.