Founded in New York in 2019 by a team of fashion insiders, NICESTUFF is a contemporary menswear brand dedicated to giving guys what they want – smart casual men’s clothes that feel as comfortable as pj’s.  They also look great on Zoom, out running errands, or even in the office.

This level of versatility is more important than ever. The days of having different dress codes for business and leisure are over. Now we all need clothes that are stylish, versatile, comfortable and practical. And that’s where NICESTUFF fits in.


Why We Love It

NICESTUFF is not simply a superb collection of great looking, super-comfortable men’s clothes, it also supports dyslexia by contributing 3% of sales to The Windward School in New York. The Windward school is a co-ed, independent day school exclusively for students with dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities. This resonates personally with Justin MacInerney, our Editor-in-Chief at Retail Czar, who explains why: “When my best friend from childhood learned that my mother had passed away he immediately reached out to me.  ‘If it hadn’t been for your Mum, I could not have achieved what I have in my life’, he said. As a child, he suffered from dyslexia. His teachers had failed to help him, but my mother, a primary school educator, started to tutor him in the evenings, and devised her own method to allow him to overcome his learning disability. After college he became a successful entrepreneur, growing his start-up into an enterprise with a global customer base.  When I learned that NICESTUFF supports education for dyslexia, I was blown away.”