Neil Zevnik – Rare and Exceptional Vintage Costume Jewelry

Renaissance Man


Neil Zevnik is a modern-day renaissance man. Actor, Celebrity, Writer, Private Chef – these are just some of the job titles in his social media bio, but the one that is most relevant to Retail Czar is that of Vintage Costume Jewelry Collector. With superb taste, an expert eye and three and a half decades  of premium vintage costume jewelry collecting under his belt, Neil has amassed a considerable treasure trove of highly desirable baubles, some of which are now, happily,  available through Retail Czar. Each featured item on our site is one-of-a-kind and hand selected by Neil himself. And because of the unique nature of Neil Zevnik jewelry, if you see a piece that you really like, it’s advisable to purchase it. Chances are if you like it, someone else will, and there is only one unit available of each.


One of the reasons for the growing popularity of costume versus fine jewelry is it’s way more affordable. Another is the wonderful technical skill, artistry and design behind these often whimsical, wow pieces. In fact, some of the skills and materials used to make these vintage pieces may no longer be in use or available today. Many celebrities past and present, including Wallis Simpson (the Duchess of Windsor) and Hollywood royalty including Elizabeth Taylor, for whom Neil was private chef for many years, would frequently combine both costume and fine jewelry in their personal wardrobes for the sheer fun of it. Kind of like the jewelry version of today’s high-low fashion trend.


Masterpieces from 1840-1980


Rare masterpieces of costume jewelry design can be found on the Neil Zevnik brand page on Retail Czar, spanning 1840 to 1980. Exemplary Victorian, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern styles in a variety of semi-precious metals, stones, crystals and glass are showcased. Rings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and earrings are among the different styles varying in price from $195 to $695. Remarkably affordable when you consider designer houses YSL, Elsa Schiaparelli, Roger Edet and Marie Louise Carven, a Parisian designer whose clients included singer Edith Piaf and actress Leslie Caron,  are among the offerings, together with exquisite examples of unnamed houses and their skilled jewelry artisans. Helpful hint - when viewing Neil Zevnik Jewelry items on our site, it is important to click on ‘More Details’ to view additional high-res images of the piece from various angles, as well as a beautifully evocative and comprehensive description of the item including specific dimensions, materials, key design features, designer info and other relevant background information on the object itself.


Sustainability and the Circular Economy


In keeping with the retail industry’s movement toward sustainability and the circular economy, vintage jewelry is increasingly relevant and fashionable today. According to Alyson Araque, VP of Merchandising at Retail Czar, the Neil Zevnik collection provides an important point of differentiation:


“I’m so excited about Neil Zevnik Jewelry.  He’s an antique jewelry collector who literally has ROOMS of jewels that he’s obsessed with.  His passion for jewelry is unmatched.  It also helps that he is a former actor and knows exactly how to tell a story.  There is a virtual trunk show in his future as he has some really rare, special pieces that he keeps in his ‘parlors’ that he would love to share. “  


Exclusive Neil Zevnik Virtual Trunk Show

Join us for a truly unique holiday gift-giving opportunity as Retail Czar hosts an exclusive Neil Zevnik Jewelry event with Neil himself on Thursday, December 3rd  at 7.30 pm EST.