Milène Jardine Chocolatier – Made in New York

If “A day without chocolate is like life without sunshine”, as the saying goes, then Halloween without chocolate is simply unthinkable. That’s why Retail Czar is proud to showcase the deliciously creative, internationally inspired chocolate bars and truffles of New York’s own Milène Jardine Chocolatier.


The ‘Trick or Treat’ tradition as observed across the United States (either virtually during the pandemic, or in-person pre-Covid 19) is a relatively recent phenomenon. According to the Merriam Webster website, it only dates back to the 1920’s. However, the practice of children in costume demanding ‘treats’ while threatening ‘tricks’ if treats are not forthcoming has its origins in the ancient Celtic pagan festival of Samhain, observed in Scotland and Ireland in pre-Christian times.


Although the complex cultural and religious history leading to today’s Halloween (short for All Hallows’ Eve) tradition is a subject worthy of its own Hollywood blockbuster and inevitable confectionery industry tie-ins, let’s fast forward a couple of millennia from the ancient Celtic tribes of Western Europe to 21st Century New York City to discover the more recent origins of Milène Jardine Chocolatier.


Based in Long Island City, Queens, this artisanal chocolate maker was established in 2016 by its eponymous female founder going it alone after an 11 + year career in product management with Macy’s, and is dedicated to the celebration of “diversity through chocolate.”


“I love chocolate and I love travel,” says Milène Jardine in a Made in NYC Vimeo video about her company, “and I combined two of my favorite things into a company.”


The self-taught chocolatier is proud of the international ingredients found in her gourmet chocolate recipes which are appreciated by such celebrity fans as Sting and Warren Buffett, according to the brand. Her proprietary products are the result of international travel and the relationships she has built over time. Depending on the recipe, Irish whiskey, spices from India and Japan, flowers and herbs from Egypt and nuts and fruits from South America add exotic flavors to the various truffles and bars available from MJC on our site.


Retail Czar offers four library gift sets of five bars, each set dedicated to a theme – Nuts, Savory, Classic and Dark Chocolate. The truffles are offered in a 5-piece whiskey selection; a 5-piece classic assortment from five countries; a 5-piece seasonal offering and a 15-piece omnibus combo – all beautifully packaged in MJC’s signature navy blue gift box. For the ultimate chocoholic, there’s a $100 chocolate Gift Parcel featuring a 15-piece truffle gift box; a 5-piece seasonal collection truffle gift box, and a 5-piece international chocolate bar library.

This tempting assortment of chocolate decadence is carefully balanced by the company’s policy towards preserving our planet. According to its website, MJC is committed to:


“Carbon Neutral Shipments. In an effort to preserve the planet and combat climate change, we've partnered with Pachama to reduce our carbon footprint. Every shipment's carbon impact is measured and offset with forest protection initiatives. As home deliveries continue to increase, we're happy to do our part and see more trees planted.”

I’m sure the trick or treaters will appreciate that.


And in addition to Halloween on Saturday October 31, let’s also remember National Chocolate Day which this year is celebrated on Wednesday, October 28.