FIERCE + REGAL, Activewear Empowered with Attitude


Activewear that performs beyond the workout as part of a woman’s daily wardrobe is today’s big fashion trend. FIERCE + REGAL, founded by former fine jewelry entrepreneur Margi Gad in 2017, is known for  its luxury Italian performance fabrics, neutral color palette and sophisticated, modern, minimalist design aesthetic. These high quality, American made pieces also seamlessly coordinate with everyday garments, delivering on the brand’s titular message of empowerment. According to the label’s website, “…we want you to feel empowered in every single F + R piece.” (


Ask Emily


Emily Dempsey, social media influencer and Retail Czar’s Beauty, Wellness and Jewelry Merchant, tells RC Blog why she selected F+R as one of the first active brands on our site:


RC: What is F&R known for?

ED: Fierce and Regal is known for their use of high end, luxe Italian fabrics in their premium activewear collection.

RC: Why are you so excited about bringing F+R to Retail Czar?

ED: I have known the founder, Margi Gad, for several years and have watched the brand grow and develop. F&R was one of the first brands I partnered with as an influencer for my brand Detox2Retox. From one female founder to another, Margi has become a close friend and mentor. 

RC: What are some of F+R’s best-sellers?
ED: The one-shoulder tops and jogger pants are the best sellers. I love the cozy, chic velvet jogger. A great way to update your WFH wardrobe as well. Stay comfortable with an elevated twist.


RC: Which collection piece stands out as a fashion must-have right now?

ED: ‘The Pant’ – a flare/yoga pant with split hem is the hot new trending item in the world of fashion! They are everywhere right now. Also, F&R runs a little small, so when in doubt size up!


RC: As an Influencer, do you have any personal tips to share that have emerged during the pandemic?

ED:I love a morning routine. This really helps me stay on track during the week. I like to start my mornings with a glass of water, followed by coffee with oat milk. While I caffeinate, I write in my gratitude journal. This really helps set the tone for my day/week and ensure I am on track when it comes to my list of priorities for the day. 


The Collection

Emily’s expertly curated F+R assortment on Retail Czar focuses on the brand’s signature pieces. Tops, available in ivory, black and taupe colorways, include the iconic ‘One Sleeve’ ($88), ‘One Shoulder’ ($88), ‘Caml’ ($88) and ‘Crew’ ($110). Bottoms feature the ‘Piped Jogger’ ($160), ‘Velvet Jogger’ ($160) in titanium and black, and Emily’s fashion must-have, ‘The Pant’ ($170) in both black and chocolate – a yoga pant with super-flattering fit and side-slit flare. And in outerwear, ‘the bomber’ ($288) in stylish, shiny, metallic platinum , and ‘The Jacket II’ ($285) available in black, white and army green, with sleek, long ribbed cuff, waist and neck details.  Finally, we have ‘The Overthrow’ in black ($285) - a unique all-in-one hybrid vest/ top/ shawl. Super chic!


For more on the collection with product images showing cool layering and styling tips, check out F+R’s brand pages on Retail Czar.


Exclusive IG Live Event

Join us on Thursday, January 21 at 1.30 pm EST for an exclusive IG Live event hosted by Retail Czar Merchant and Detox2Retox founder and influencer Emily Dempsey.