Emilie Heathe: The Fine Art of Beautiful Nails

Concluding our January focus on fitness, beauty and wellness, let’s explore the extraordinary story
behind clean beauty brand, Emilie Heathe.

Launched in December 2017 by Founder/CEO Emilie H. Rudman, the brand’s inspirational message centers on the empowerment of beauty artistry and how Emilie’s deeply personal experiences around her own racial and cultural identity issues growing up were critical to the creation of her own business.


Emilie’s Story


According to her bio on Emilieheathe.com, Emilie struggled as an adopted Asian American child of white Jewish and Catholic parents because “The images I was surrounded by never reflected what I saw in the mirror.” Finding refuge in the colorful, comic book world of superheroes and superheroines, Emilie explains her evolution from graphic art to cosmetic artistry: “I started drawing my own characters using charcoal, graphite and watercolor. As I grew up, I traded in my pencils for makeup brushes and found a new medium for creative expression.”


From Makeup Artist to CEO


After training as a makeup artist and hair stylist, and working for leading industry brands MAC, Avon and Bobbi Brown, Emilie graduated with an MBA from Columbia University. Her next step – create her own clean beauty brand. But sourcing the highest quality, ‘clean’ ingredients that also perform was a challenge until she returned to her roots via traditional Asian staples bamboo, rice and sea buckthorn. “Bamboo has anti-inflammatory properties; rice is rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins B and E, and sea buckthorn, aka ‘The Holy Fruit of the Himalayas’ has long been used in Asia as a medicine and skin protectant. The ingredients I fell in love with brought me back to the heritage I had tried to hide for so long.” (Emilie Rudman quotes courtesy Emilieheathe.com). 


Emilie Heathe X Retail Czar


“I’m delighted to showcase clean beauty brand Emily Heathe in the Retail Czar Beauty and Wellness portfolio, “ says another Emily, RC’s own Emily Dempsey, Influencer and Beauty and Wellness Merchant for the site. “Our assortment includes the brand’s famously long-lasting nail glosses, topcoats and more. Their nail polishes are among the longest lasting in the industry. The best-selling colors are ‘The Perfect Red’, which truly is what it says on the jar, and ‘Half and Half’.” Dempsey also gives the brand top beauty marks for its “dedication to the highest quality clean beauty products and its exquisitely designed packaging”, perhaps best exemplified by its signature Japanese glass bottles. Cleverly magnetized for convenience and organization during travel, these containers also present aesthetically as art objects in their own right.


True to the principles of clean beauty, EH products are non-toxic and never tested on animals. Not surprisingly, the company is also dedicated to sustainability through the use of recycled paper, board and glass. Reckon they’ve just about nailed it, don’t you? 


Exclusive IG Live event


Join RC Influencer and Beauty expert, Emily Dempsey, for an exclusive IG Live event featuring Emilie Heathe Founder/CEO Emilie H Rudman on Thursday, January 28 at 7.30 pm EST.