ELEVENTY – First Class Made in Italy



When thinking of the intriguingly named ‘Eleventy’, the associating word that immediately springs to mind for me is ‘sprezzatura’. That’s Italian for the art of looking effortlessly stylish and its way harder than it looks, which is kind of the point. It has also recently acquired a new significance in our WFH world, where an elevated approach to cozy, comfortable, casual dressing is infinitely preferable to its alternative. And that’s where Eleventy comes in.

Founded in 2007 by creative directors Marco Baldassari (Men’s) and Paolo Zuntini (Women’s), Eleventy exudes sprezzatura. Not only are the garments themselves elevated in terms of design, fabric, craftsmanship and detailing, the way they are expertly layered and styled in the company’s campaigns offers a visual masterclass in maximum sprezzatura.

Accessible Luxury

Retail Czar VP of Merchandising Alyson Araque explains what makes the collection so relevant to our customers:

“Eleventy is the epitome of accessible luxury. Between the craftsmanship, timeless designs and  natural color palette, I wanted to give our male and female customers a brand that has incredible value and whose garments can be a part of their wardrobe for a long time. I love that every season you can further build your Eleventy wardrobe knowing each new selection will pair back perfectly to prior seasons’ items in your closet.


“Eleventy is special for so many reasons but recently with the way we are dressing changing so drastically, Eleventy is even more relevant. The brand has been offering items like soft, unlined, unconstructed sport coats that fit like a sweater and jogger pants made in premium stretch wools way before Covid. They have understood casual elegance for years and their garments are essential in today’s WFH wardrobe.”


Men’s and Women’s

For men, Retail Czar offers a curated assortment of  suede and leather outerwear; modern, quilted vests; signature laser-cut jackets in stretch knit fabrics (essential for a casually polished look); button-down collar woven shirts;  cool cardigans and fine gauge sweaters; cargo pants, five-pockets, and drawstring stretch joggers; great sneakers and, for winter, a sturdy hiking boot. Backpacks also offered in leather and suede round out the collection.  

For women, we offer an edited assortment including a statement dress in black polyester; sophisticated knitwear in turtle- and boatneck designs; a stylish nubuck backpack with shearling details and a chic scarf in neutral tones.

Responsible Luxury Made in Italy

Eleventy champions Made in Italy manufacturing, quality and design. According to their website, “In Italy we have a unique manufacturing heritage, and it’s our responsibility to protect it. This is why we have a network made up of 94 micro enterprises selected in every region of Italy, each specialized in a particular sector of production. Through this strategy of outsourcing Italian craftsmanship, we can offer our customers all the quality and excellence of Made in Italy.”

Eleventy passionately believes in the concept of responsible luxury through “ethical fashion”, and is addressing climate change via its own sustainability initiatives including reducing consumption throughout its production process and vowing to reach a “zero impact” level.