Amanda de Montal - Parfum de Gascogne

In keeping with the theme of Female Founders’ Week, and just in time for candle season (and yes, that’s a real thing - December 13th is World Candle Lighting Day), Retail Czar is delighted to showcase Amanda de Montal - the talented female founder and her eponymous brand of ‘Haute Couture’ candles and home fragrances.


Although the brand was created in 2018, the inspiration for her collection starts with her cherished childhood memories of growing up in Gascony, a province in Southwestern France. The region is famous for Armagnac, a specific kind of French brandy, distilled from white wine grapes, and famed for its full, complex flavors and aromas.


The brand’s website transports us back in time and place to understand the passion, memories, textures and scents that inspired her to start her own business:


“Amanda is 4 years old; her father takes her by the hand to visit the Armagnac cellars located on the family property in Gascony. While they bend over the oak barrels, her father encourages her to smell the different perfumes and explains with passion how, over the years, the different aromas are born.

A walk she repeated dozens of times, evocative of magical memories: the impressive decor, the smell of wood, the nobility of raw materials, the strength of a product combining lifestyle and temperament.”


Her passion, enthusiasm and unconditional love for Gascony and her treasured childhood experiences have resulted in a range of evocative scents that she now shares with the world through her unique brand. “Amanda’s personality is reflected in each candle, which offers a gateway to her world. From the Gascon land, it has authenticity, generosity and a touch of extravagance. Through each fragrance she whispers a memory in your ear so that you can make it yours, creating a bond between you and her.”(


Indeed, Armagnac is the key olfactory ingredient in the Amanda de Montal candles and diffusers featured on Retail Czar. The selection includes three single wick candles ($95 each) and three 4-wick candles ($325 each), featuring respectively ‘Armagnac Ardente’, ‘Armagnac Sauvage’ and ‘Armagnac Enchante’. These same three Armagnac scents are then repeated in diffusers featuring 12-inch ($145 each) or 18-inch reeds ($240 each). In mist format, we offer three additional room scents ($67 each).


New Product Launches


This holiday season, Amanda de Montal is launching two new products that will be available on Retail Czar in December 2020.


For chocolate lovers everywhere, and in collaboration with acclaimed French Master Chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hevin, Amanda de Montal will be debuting the exquisite Choco Art Magnac, a pairing of chocolate and armagnac in a candle (non-edible of course) with “notes of the finest chocolate mingled with the fragrance of a vintage Armagnac 2010, enhanced by a hint of licorice ... Celebrating a captivating and sensual journey in their two artistic worlds.”


This holiday season the brand is also collaborating with vaunted Parisian textile house Maison Thevenon with a custom-designed ‘Amanda’ fabric pouch for its latest release – the Amanda de Montal Fructus Vasconia Candle and its hypnotic scent of figs, milk and grass. The exclusive design of this collectible pouch is inspired by the ingredients and colors of the brand.

Both French houses share the same taste for elegance, emotion and panache and this artistic collaboration celebrates this in a wonderfully whimsical way.
Once the candle has been used up, the empty glass can be refilled ( for the 1100g) or reused as a vase or pot. The pouch can be used as a stylish beauty case or a whimsical bag.

Both new Amanda de Montal products, the Choco Art Magnac Candle and the Fructus Vasconia  Candle with the exclusive ‘Amanda’ fabric pouch, will be available on Retail Czar by early December. Check site for details.


Meet The Female Founder

On Thursday, November 19, 2020 at noon EST, you are cordially invited to meet Amanda de Montal, founder of her brand of gourmet candles and home fragrances inspired by the French province of Gascony. This event will be hosted on Instagram Live by Retail Czar. Amanda will be joining us from France.