Active Cashmere – Know What You’re Wearing


At Retail Czar, we believe when consumers understand what goes into the products they buy and wear, they make better informed choices about the brands they support. Our “Know what you’re wearing” campaign aims to inform customers and help them understand the quality, value, style and responsibility attributes of the collections we select for the site. While each is unique, they all share common values that align with those four founding principles of Retail Czar.

Active Cashmere is no exception. Nor is it an oxymoron. Founded in 2015 by brothers Roy and Danny Hakimian, they are pursuing their family’s passion for this precious, luxury fiber and have reinvented it for a new generation and a new era where cozy, comfy and convenience are king. By using innovative whole garment knitting technology to produce seamless, more comfortable items and by eliminating the traditional “fully fashioned” visible stitch detailing, Active Cashmere revolutionizes this rarest, softest and warmest of goat fibers through its collection’s  contemporary fit,  modernist styling and specialty technical finishes. The result is a level of luxury, handle, durability and performance not previously available in cashmere.

Water Repellant, Machine Washable, Shrink Resistant, Anti-Pilling

Active Cashmere garments are made from the finest Scottish cashmere yarns which are sustainably and scientifically treated during the spinning and finishing to be water repellent (keeping garments drier and therefore more comfortable), machine washable (Roy recommends machine washing on a cold/cold cycle, then placing the item(s) flat on a towel to air dry) and shrink resistant. They also offer maximum anti-pilling performance, and won’t lose their shape.  And all of that is achieved without sacrificing the soft, luxurious hand feel that the best quality cashmere is known for. Designed for today’s busy lifestyle, from working from home to running errands, and generally enjoying life, gone are the days when you needed to dry clean your cashmere and saved it only for special occasions.

Philosophy of Sustainability, Quality, Performance

In a recent IG Live hosted by Retail Czar President, Tom Ott, Active Cashmere Founder Roy Hakimian talked about the genesis of the brand and its philosophy: “Active Cashmere was born out of an idea to bring functionality to cashmere while keeping the respect for the actual fiber and process,” he says. “The goal was to bring an additional level of sustainability, quality and performance to cashmere which hadn’t been done yet.”

A Legacy Loomed in Cashmere

According to Roy, the brothers are continuing their father’s cashmere legacy, while innovating for a modern lifestyle: “Our family has been in the cashmere business since the 1950’s. My father was in sourcing. He supplied all the best manufacturers. Growing up we were surrounded by cashmere and were brought up with an appreciation for it. It’s of prime importance that we source ethically and from the best places. We source our raw cashmere fiber from a network of villages in Inner Mongolia and are working with renowned Scottish spinning mill Todd and Duncan who pride themselves on the quality and sustainability of their production process. They recycle all their water. All the practices, all the dyes and different treatments on our products are held to a super high standard of sustainability.”

(Writer’s note: I can attest to the veracity of these claims, having personally visited Todd and Duncan’s globally renowned facility on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Leven as a guest of Scottish Enterprise/SDI  several years ago.)

Made in the USA from Finest Pure Scottish Cashmere

“For garment manufacturing, we produce in the US. We use whole garment knitting technology which helps reduce fabric waste and allows me to play with the fit and to design sporty styles such as our sweatshirt and sweatpants.  You can really enjoy wearing them and not worry that they are too delicate to run around in.” A true fashion rebel, Roy has even been known to sport the brand’s knit trousers to black tie affairs.

Core Collection

Retail Czar carries Active Cashmere’s Core collection for men and women, including their best-seller, the iconic unisex 5 gauge, 3-ply ribbed beanies ($150), as well as scarves ($250), women’s fitted pants ($495), men’s sweatpants ($595), sweaters ($375 for her and $595 for him) and hoodies ($625) in a variety of staple colors, including black, navy, grey and tan depending on the garment. (Please check our site for specific details of colorways and sizes available).