925fit – Activewear that Doubles as Chic Casual Wear


January is Fitness, Beauty and Wellness Month

Even during a global pandemic, the New Year ushers in a chance to reset after the holiday season’s festive feasts, treats and over-indulgences. With that in mind, Retail Czar designates January as Fitness, Beauty and Wellness Month. New Year’s resolutions last longest and are most effective when they have realistic, attainable goals. So, this January, we are focusing on the brands and products on Retail Czar designed to help us achieve our goals while making us look good and feel great doing it!


From Gym to Street

Let’s kick things off by checking out Miami-based women’s activewear resource, 925fit. Co-founded in 2015 by best friends Amalia Russ and Deborah Soriano who are inspired by a shared passion for both fitness and fashion, 925fit has become the niche label for women seeking active fashion that performs equally in the gym and on the street. It’s also great for working out at home or in the open air when the gym is not an option, hence the name ‘Nine-to-five fit’.


Emily Dempsey is Retail Czar’s first ever Merchant and Influencer and is responsible for the Active, Beauty, Wellness and Jewelry categories. Emily also has a growing base of followers for her own personal, fitness-centric brand, Detox2Retox. She recently shared her insights about 925fit: 


Retail Czar: Why did you select 925fit for the site?
Emily Dempsey
: 925fit is known for their perfect fusion of fashion and function throughout the industry -- two equally important aspects when it comes to designing activewear. The brand’s co-founders established themselves in the active space by partnering with household names like Peloton, SoulCycle and Rumble to design studio exclusive capsule collections. These partnerships really put 925fit on the map.

RC: What do you love about the brand?

ED: I love the way they fuse fashion and function -- a rarity in the active space today. There are so many brands out there nowadays that do one or the other really well. There are only a handful that execute both flawlessly. 925fit is one of those brands.



RC: What are your personal faves in the assortment?
: I really like the sports bras ‘With A Twist’ and ‘Get In Line’, and the ‘Wild Thing’ leggings. 925fit best sellers are their jackets. They are a great layering piece whether you're running errands post-workout, hopping on a Zoom call, or just looking for versatility in your wardrobe. You really can't go wrong with anything from 925fit. One piece I am dying to get my hands on is the ‘I Will Survive’ jumpsuit. It looks extremely chic AND comfy. Perfect ‘Athflowear’ ... in case you haven't heard, ‘Athflow’ is the new ‘Athleisure’. It is elevated ‘Athleisure’ that looks more dressed up, but maintains the same level of comfort we've grown accustomed to.


Comprehensive ‘Athflow’ Assortment

As mentioned by Emily, Retail Czar carries a comprehensive assortment of 925fit categories, including sports bras, tanks, leggings and jackets. Pieces in the collection are designed to work together as a set or easily paired mix-and-match style. High-performance fabrics contain an impressive array of state-of-the-art features including no-fade, UV protection, Dry Fit, 8-way stretch and more (please see specific, individual product descriptions on Retail Czar’s dedicated 925fit pages). 

For New Year’s 2021, resolve to upgrade your workout wardrobe with the sleek, performance ‘Athflowear’ of 925fit.